First Bites: Icelandic Cheeses

Have you ever watched someone take their first bite?

When we taste a food for the first time, we embark on a totally new experience. In that moment we surrender a part of ourselves to the unknown, and accept that our taste buds might just detest what we are about to put in our mouths. Tasting a new food is an adventure, so it's not surprising that many people shy away from this daring act. 

While a foodie can use a thousand adjectives to describe a given dish, she can only have one first bite. By observing this bite we can experience the emotion that it evokes from within.

And so I present to you "First Bites", a photo collection of my first encounters with some of the most exciting cheeses I've eaten in the past few months.

First Bites

Installment 1: Icelandic Cheeses

I am so lucky to have friends that contribute to my love of cheese by bringing back bundles of dairy joy from all over the world. 

Recently, my incredible coworker Valdis brought back two cheeses from her visit home to Iceland. Given that the country is cold and covered in snow most of the year, I wasn't surprised that the Icelanders produce fat-packed

 cheeses that melt in your mouth and warm you to the core.

Brie med hvítlauksrönd

Google translate tells me that "Brie med hvítlauksrönd" means "Brie with garlic stripes", and indeed it was a beyond buttery brie rubbed in herbs and striped in garlic.


Stóri Dímon

"Stóri Dímon" or "Blue and White Mould Cheese" had both a bloomy white rind and blue mold inside. The Icelanders aren't keeping any secrets about their cheese!

Now go out and eat some cheese, and make sure to savor that First Bite.