New Year's Cheese: Bring out the Crowd Pleasers

Happy New Year's Cheese!!!

For the New Year's party this year, I wanted to put together an uncomplicated cheese plate that would appeal to the taste buds of the masses. As always, I found exactly what I was looking for at Murray's Cheese. No matter how many cheese shops I visit, I always come back to the NYC mothership because I can rely on them to deliver crowd pleasers every time. On this visit to the Grand Central location a lovely lady cheesemonger helped me pick out three cheeses that would make everyone melt into cheesy bliss at the stroke of midnight. These cheeses are my absolute favorites because, like Murray's, I know they'll never disappoint.

1. Brillat Savarin
The famous gastronome Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin once said, "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are." I wonder what he would say about the people who eat this cheese. Creamy is an understatement for this oozing delight, aged only a few weeks in the Murray's caves before sold at peak perfection. I served it to partygoers on a slice of baguette with a semi-sweet fig jam. Part cream cheese, part butter, this cheese is all parts delicious.


2. Ewephoria
I first blogged about this candy-cheese in my Oct. 2011 post titled "Ewephoria for the Tastebuds". I fell deeply in love with it then and our affair has continued ever since. The sweetest of all Goudas, Ewephoria was created in Holland specifically to cater to the great American sweet tooth. I was mildly offended by their assumption that our tastes were that simplistic, until I watched as the golden chunks were gobbled down faster than a bowl of M&M's and realized it was true. I'm proud to be an American and I'm proud to love this cheese.

Madame Fromage
Since I can't get my beloved 24 month Gruyere here in the USA without calling on the graces of a traveling Swiss friend, I often use this French Alpine style as a worthy substitute. The Comté is aged for two years like the Gruyere and made in the same fashion, so the only evident difference between the two cheeses is the nationality of the cows. I still prefer the 24 month Gruyere, but I'll happily chow down on this Comté any day. So would all of my fellow NYE revelers.

So there's my New Year's gift to you: a simple cheese plate guaranteed to be loved by all. "This cheese is SO good" was the phrase I heard all night and into the first morning 2013. Though a simple remark, it was said with such emphasis and emotion by each cheese taster that I knew I'd hit the mark and created a truly crowd pleasing cheese plate.

Now go out and resolve to eat more cheese.