Swiss Fondue in the USA

 I am SO excited to be heading off on a trip to Switzerland and Spain on Friday. And even more excited to return and tell you all about my cheesy adventures there! But first, a taste of Switzerland here in the USA....

As luck would have it, a Swiss arts organization owns the apartment across the hall from me and runs a program that gives emerging Swiss artists the chance to spend a few months creating in NYC.  The current artist living there is Mischa Camenzind, a brilliant guy who makes amazing pieces that provide a uniquely Swiss perspective of NYC and the world. Check out his artwork below.

The other night, Mischa was kinda enough to have my roommate and me over for a very cheesy meal: Gerber fondue, straight from Switzerland. Of course the Swiss have a prepackaged fondue, and of course it's incredibly delicious. Mischa added a bit of wine and garlic, and the flavor he produced was unlike any you can find in the USA. I hadn't tasted such a scrumptious and utterly Swiss fondue since I was in Geneva, and I can't wait until next week to taste it again!

Two types of fondue: L'Original and Moitié-Moitié (half Gruyere, half Vacherin Fribourgeois)

Lots of Swiss flags and happy cows on the packaging.

Tea lights and burner plates: Mischa's homemade fondue contraption.

Even better than a sterno.

Samara is happy while consuming pounds of melted cheese.

Bread and cheese. What more could we ever need?

No Swiss fondue is complete without a glass of Kirsch at the end- this cherry flavored liqueur helps you digest all that fatty goodness you just ingested.

Now go out and eat some fondue.