Cheese Addictions and Gum Art

People always say to me, "Wow, you're obsessed with cheese." 

Yes, I am. And studies show that I might have an even stronger attachment to cheese. Not only am I obsessed, but I have an actual physical addiction to the delicious dairy products. People have long discussed how chocolate and other foods have addictive qualities, whether it be psychological or physical. Everyone that gets headaches when they don't have their morning cup of joe knows how addictive caffeine can be, and even use this fact as reasoning for consuming many cups each day.

I'm not surprised at the news of cheese's addictive quality. What comes as a shocker is the ingredient that is responsible for this phenomenon: morphine. MORPHINE?! That's right. Morphine is a natural ingredient in both cow and human milk, serving the purpose of creating a special bond between mother and child, and ensuring that babies get the nutrients they need. I'm serious! Learn more here:

Addicted to Cheese? Here’s Why (
How does this information impact me? It doesn't, except that now I have a reason for eating so much cheese. When people ask about my obsession, I can shrug and say, "I know, it's bad. Someday I'll kick this addiction."

But I probably won't, and that's ok. On the list of addictive substances, a protein-packed dairy product is probably one of the least damaging. And most delicious.

And speaking of addictions..... Another on the list is chewing gum. In the U.S., people chew an average of 182 stick equivalents per person per year. This doesn't seem terrible. What's awful, though, is the amount of gum that ends up on the sidewalks of our cities. I've seen many train stations that have a chewing gum "carpet" on their platforms, due to years of wads of gum being discarded after they lost their flavor.

Now one artist has come up with a solution for all these disgusting gum marks. He's making them beautiful! Check out these awesome designs that Ben Wilson is creating on some of London's gum-infested sidewalks:

 Now go out and eat some (addictive) cheese.